PT. Soejasch Bali is a food processing company that has been in business for more than three decades ago. We are known for our authentic German and European sausages, ham, and cured meat. As a major player in the fast-growing food and beverage industry, our company is the first in Indonesia to market a locally made product with an international standard.


Founded in 1983, PT. Soejasch Bali is at the forefront of introducing groundbreaking and high-quality food products. The hospitality and foodservice industry on the island of Bali was a primal focus of our distribution network’s early expansion. However, other regions came to our attention, and in 1994 a branch office was established in south Jakarta. Due to the growing demand for our product, a branch in Surabaya was opened in 2003, Bandung in 2014, and Yogyakarta in 2016. Thanks to our steadfast dedication to quality, we are able to expand our reach to Medan and Makassar this year.

Experience the Breadth of Our Services

PT. Soejasch Bali has provided consistent, high-quality service to more than 3.000 islands in Indonesia, including all of the finest hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and catering companies. Our cold and dry storage facilities at our warehouses allow us to supply fresh and frozen products across the archipelago. To fulfill our customers’ great standards, our property is equipped with a freshwater supply and sewage treatment. The effort has contributed to a steady rise in new customers from the tourism industry, especially in the 3, 4, and 5 Star Hotels in Bali, Lombok, and Java.

From Us with Love

We manufacture 10.000 meat products every day, including sausage, ham, and cold cut, among many others. Using the most advanced European machinery and processing procedures, our production is carefully monitored by a Master Butcher from Germany. In line with global health trends, our products never utilize MSG or any artificial coloring. On the other hand, our devotion to original recipes and innovative processing techniques has resulted in our smoked delicacies such as Deli Ham, Back Bacon, Frankfurter, and Cabanossi, to name a few.

Our Promise to You

When it comes to the manufacturing process, the safety and quality of our products will not be compromised in any way. This ideal work ethos has been our guiding principle since the day of our inception. Through this philosophy, we have proudly earned a Halal Certification from the strict policy of MUI and FSSC22000 certification Version 5.1 for Food and Safety issued by SAI GLOBAL of Environment Health. As one of Indonesia’s largest processed food companies, PT. Soejasch Bali is committed to making the best quality food products for all of our customers.

Our Brands

PT. Soejasch Bali has four product lines that target distinct Indonesian markets. Our company’s product lines provide a wide variety of sausages, hams, and cured meat.

Our Story


Began as a family business, Reinhold Jantzen opened his first store in Hamburg, German, mainly processing fish products.


The Jantzen family expanded their endeavor to Bali, Indonesia, in 1983. Today, it’s one of Bali’s great achievements.


PT. Soejasch Bali held an opening ceremony known as Melaspas in the Balinese tradition for Mama’s Factory in Denpasar, Bali.


MUI gave Nikmat the first halal food processing factory certification in Bali.


PT. Soejasch Bali opened a branch office and warehouse in Surabaya


Nikmat Factory, one of PT. Soejasch Bali’s product lines.


Head office opening within PT. Soejasch Bali factory in Denpasar, Bali.


A shop was opened in front of PT. Soejasch Bali factory.


PT. Soejasch Bali opened a branch office and warehouse in Yogyakarta.